Cortijo Prado Toro


Cortijo Prado Toro is located in a very convenient location to, withouth driving, from the door of your apartment,start many different walks for all levels, even with children.

You can download the following maps of the area. At your arrival we will provide you with directions for you to enjoy your walks.

In case this is not enough for you, don’t worry, we can assure you that The Alpujarras hiking routes are almost infinite. We recommend you the following map-guide of Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada. Click on the image below and you will access to the Editorial on-line shop to allow you to prepare your routes in advance..

Rutas en las Alpujarras


The high  Alpujarras is a paradise for lovers of nature and hikers.  There is a tremendous amount of different walks you can do in the area.  The European long distance path GR7 or E4 passes just behind the property.You can start many walks from the Cortijo .

Here we explain just a few of them.  We are always happy to advise you on other walks.

The walks start behind the pool walking up the steps and turn left till you reach after 30 m the first wooden post  (red white) the mark of the GR7.

Pitres, Capilerilla

Turn right at the first post of the GR7  and follow the track towards the village of Capilerilla.     In the middle of the village the track turns right downhill towards Pitres. You will arrive at the church square in Pitres. To get back there are various options, the shortest one is the same way back. Other ones you can see on the map.     (20 min.down, 40 min.up)


Acequia (Waterfall) and Old chestnut forest

Carry on past the first wooden to a second wooden post approximately 15m further on. Turn right along the forest road. Carry on for approximately 600m. When you reach a crossroad, turn left and follow a track up hill, bordering the edge of a field. (To the right is “Camino del Monte” straight down towards the village of Capilerilla, straight in front of you is a private property with a gate.)  After approximately 100 m you reach a green metal sign on the left which says “Bubion, Pitres” where you have to turn left up a narrow path. Soon after you reach a little waterfall. At this point you join a water channel which you follow until you reach the ruin of an old watermill. Here you go round the ruin on the right side until you rejoin the water channel.Keep following the water channel until you reach a point where some low weirs have been built in the water and there is a cross roads of paths. Here you have 2 options. Before you decide to go to the right down towards the chestnut forest, or go up to the left towards  the bigger waterfall, you can go 30m further the waterchannel till you reach a little waterfall and you can have a look into the gorge. From there don´t go further, there is a little path which ends nowhere and you have to come back.

To the right you follow the track down through the ancient Chestnut Forest. After a while you will pass a fairy tale house on the right. Continue until you reach lots of cottages before you get into the village. Carry on through the village ignoring signs for “Camino del Monte” and “Camino de Pitres”. Later follow the sign “Camino de Bubion” which is the GR7 route. At the end of the village, instead of turning right up past a pool and old wash house, follow the path straight on and you will shortly see a group op popler trees in the distance. Walk on to these trees and before you reach the far end of them, followthe track going right up the hill. Soon you rejoin the GR7.  This last bit is quite a climb, but eventually you will reach the two green metal posts and you will know that you are back at the Cortijo.  The whole walk is about 2 hours. You could shorten it, if you return on half way via the water channel.


Mirador Barranco del Poqueira

At  the second post of the GR7 you turn left and follow the road towards Bubion. After about 1 Km there is a crossroad. To the right you go to Capileira, to the left back to the Cortijo on another road, straight forward you follow the GR7. Cross a little gorge, ravine and walk up on the other side till you get to the top. There you are at the ridge of the Poqueira gorge with the most spectacular views. You see the 3 villages, Capileira, Bubion and Pampaneira, The high peaks of Sierra Nevada, El Veleta. To the south you look towards the Mediterranean and the mountain ranges of Malaga. On clear days, on the horizon of the sea you can see the Rif mountains of Marokko. Simply spectacular. From there you could follow the GR7 down towards Bubion.   If you want to come back to the Cortijo you cross the little gorge again till the crossroad, there you see a stone which marks the direction to the Cortijo   (45 way, 30 min.back.


Waterfall, Tajo del Cortés

follow the instructions of  the Acequia till the end of the waterchannel. There you walk up to the left a signed path, which is a 350 m altitude climb, till you reach a forestry road. There you walk to the right till you reach the bridge. To relax a bit by the water you go left before the bridge. To the Waterfall you cross the bridge and walk about 300 m further till a road goes very to the right down to a barbecue area. (nowadays its forbidden to do barbecues in public forests) From there a little path goes down to the waterfall. Now, there is the option to go back the same way you came or go down towards Portugos and Pitres to get back to the Cortijo on the GR7 departing from the church square in Pitres towards Capilerilla. If you go the same way back from the waterfall is about 3 hours 30 min.  If you make the roundtrip towards Portugos and Pitres and back is about 5 hours.



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